Canford Healthcare provide award winning residential care, nursing and care services for the elderly throughout London and the South East of England.
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KIMS Hospital is the largest independent hospital in Kent providing safe, outstanding quality care for their patients...
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Horder Healthcare is a leading independent healthcare provider and charity based in Sussex, delivering high quality care across a range of elective treatments and services...
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JEWISH CARE is the largest health and social care organisation serving the Jewish community in London and the South East. This prestigious organisation runs over 70 centres and services, touching the lives of 10,000 people…
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Latis Scientific are the market leading provider of laboratory services in the water hygiene sector proving essential services across a range of sectors such as hospitals, schools, retail and leisure.
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Established in 1920, High Street Medical Dental have developed their practice to keep dentistry at the cutting edge of technological development. Offering a wide range of services, from dentistry to neuropsychiatry, they employ a web-based…
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