New clinical waste containers will cut costs and improve sustainability

Albus Environmental are further helping their customers improve their sustainability credentials by swapping out single-use clinical waste bins to re-cycled plastic that will not only tackle environmental impact but will also save them money.

The company is implementing a programme to switch from single-use clinical waste bins made from virgin plastic to containers that are made from responsibly-sourced post-consumer recycled plastic (PCR), with a guaranteed 30%recycled plastic content. Manufactured by Daniels Healthcare using state-of-the-art technology, the award-winning WIVATM Infinity range is the world’s first UN-approved clinical waste container. Pioneered in the Netherlands and Belgium, PCR resin is a recycled plastic waste created following use of virgin plastics by consumers. 

These resins can be transformed into new products meaning that the use of further fossil fuels is not required, with early evidence suggesting that this initiative will reduce the C02 footprint of producers by 50% when switching to these more sustainable recycled plastics.

Steven Boyle, National Sales Manager, Daniels Healthcare, said;

This is a huge step in our long-term strategy to reduce single use plastics and minimising the impact on the environment; and the next stride towards our vision to be the most innovative sharps and clinical waste solutions company in the UK and Europe. As the leading provider of sharps and clinical waste containers to the UK waste and healthcare sectors, we are pleased to be able to offer our customers true sustainability at scale by combining the superior protection of specific healthcare risk waste with the environmental benefits of using recycled plastic.”


  • GREY BASE made from sustainably sourced recycled material using state-of-the-art manufacturing technology.
  • The pioneering concept has already received an innovation award for future-leading sustainability.
  • Successfully rolled out in The Netherlands and Belgium with evidence to suggest that customers can reduce their equivalent Co2 footprint by 50% when switching to the WIVA™ Infinity range.

Importantly, Albus Environmental will supply the containers alongside different coloured lid options to facilitate correct waste disposal and segregation, as best practice stated in HTM07-01 Guidance. The bins, are certified to UN3291 standards and performance tested for leak resistance, stability and impact resistance tests based on ISO23907 and NFX 30-511 standards. Each container comes with a label with clear sections for customers to record dates, locations, users and appropriate EWC code in readiness.

Steve Goss, Director of Supply Chain & Logistics at Albus commented;

“We have always found it important to challenge our suppliers to think more sustainably and to find a partner with equally aligned goals is crucial to progress but more crucially with the plastic tax having an impact on costs, this is a timely change that will benefit our customers in the short and long-term.”

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